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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Caspian's Birth Story

Over on the "Everyone on Twitter is Having Babies" list - I allow women the option to link to their birth story. Recently, a Twitter fave of mine had her 3rd child, a son, and wanted to share her birth story but didn't have a blog to post it on. I offered up space on my own blog (since I rarely use this thing any way... I should really get on that).

This is Rhaissa's (forks_n_spoons) birth story of her son. An epidural-free induction!

Caspian Manuel Antonio

7lbs 15oz


12/20/2010 8:20pm

I won't bore with details since most of ya'll have kept up with my pregnancy from the moment I got the faint lines. So jump to Monday morning [12/20] went in for my final appt. Had the NST & BPP done. While everything looked okay, Dr M was still not liking the NST results and left me with two choices -- stay at the hospital til wednesday hooked on that machine [for monitoring] or induction. I felt it was just better safe than sorry plus contractions were already s-l-o-w-l-y picking up so I figured labor wouldn't last too long.

Got home, got the bags, stalled because I was deathly nervous seeing as I've never been induced, called my mom to have her come up [she's in tampa so 4hrs away], stalled some more, then around 2pm finally got the balls to go to the hospital. once checked in etc etc etc, it was around 4pm pitocin was started on the lowest dosage possible. the fun begins...

Really though I've labored through 6cm without an epidural [i.e. fiona] so the pain while PAINFUL was tolerable though TBT I have a high level of tolerance when it comes to pain. MW came to check me I was a 5cm dilated but my mom had yet to arrive so I waited on having her break my water. Once my mom arrived, I had progressed to an 8, MW broke my water and this is where it becomes intense.

Contractions kick into high gear, but thankfully steady and with a natural rhythm. Because of no epidural, I was able to walk around the room, got in the tub for awhile, peed in the toilet [that made me excited...those who've had epis know catheters are NOT fun]. I labored some parts while on all fours because it eased the pain in my back. Did I beg for an epidural? Oh God did I ever. But in my birthing plans, in huge CAPS LOCK I wrote to my Dr/MW, unless needed medically DO NOT INTERFERE with MEDS...and boy did they take me seriously.

As per God's instructions, my body did what it is designed to do. Carry Life & Bring Life into the World. so about 4hrs later, I was ready to push. This was not the typical do three pushes and breathe, take a break, and do it again. Being a natural birth, it was all depending on my body & baby. So I pushed when I felt that need and rested when I had a "break". My hips felt like they were going to snap [baby locking through the pelvis]. Then I asked my MW if I could get into a squatting position [just something my body was naturally telling me it wanted]. So she lowered the bottom half of the hospital bed and I was able to squat. Then came the big show...

This is the moment. Right before the baby is born, where you feel like you can't go on. Like you just don't have it in you to finish this race. The hallway corridor that keeps extending. I must have had the saddest look on my face when I thought out loud "I don't know if I can do this." My husband's next five words will be five words I will never forget "the baby needs you to". I looked at him. Saw the belief that he had in me...ME...that I could do this....that I was made for this....that I WOULD do this. And that's when you cross that line from almost quitting the race, to hitting booster ignite. I did the first big push [RING OF FIRE OMG], MW told me to open my eyes...I see my baby's head/hair....Another really good is turning into position....I see the biggest brown eyes in the world...and with that final push....and with my hands around his head, I guided Caspian Manuel Antonio into this world...onto my chest...and I have never felt more empowered in my life.

I remember looking at him in this state of amazement. Not so much on that the baby was finally here, but that I was the first hand he felt. That I was the first chest he touched. My finger was the first thing his fingers held a grasp on. My lips were the first to kiss his little nose. I kept saying it in my head "I did this....I did this". My husband was filled with tears and kissed me what seemed at least a million times. If I was in amazement of myself, Michael was 10x that of me.

[and yes both bebes were in the room & both SLEPT through the delivery]

So that's my birth story for the final bambino.

No tearing. Showered within an hour of delivering. Ate pizza for dinner. Felt ready to be home by morning...though by law we have to

Even with having to be induced [which placenta was beautiful and could have kept going for the rest of the week] and using pitocin, I still was blessed with the birthing I wanted and a healthy beautiful perfection.