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Saturday, November 6, 2010

about my baby's parts

Sometimes, rarely, I get annoyed that I don't know what I'm having. Except, it's more annoying that Jarrod, my husband, knows something that I don't. However, for the most part, I am extremely pleased that I did not find out what I'm having. There's something exciting about feeling this baby move and trying to guess if it's a boy or a girl.

About a boy
- I feel boy. I think I'm carrying "boy" and this pregnancy closely resembles the one I had with Vincent. I think another boy would be great in the sense that Vincent, my son, could have a brother to play with - and I'm not sure how Hayden, my daughter, would feel if she weren't the only girl. However, another boy scares me in the sense that I keep imagining another Vincent and I don't know if I couldn't handle two Vincents. It's kind of a ridiculous fear because I know no 2 kids are the same, but, I can't help but wonder how exhausted I'd be.

About a girl (
- I see girl. When I envision my birth, I see girl. I dreamt that I told Jarrod, "See, you do make girls!" I am far more attached to our girl name then I am our boy name - and it came to me very easily. However, I don't see myself with girls. I've always seen myself with more boys. Even Hayden is a "tomboy." I think maybe I keep seeing a girl because it would be more of a surprise - since I keep thinking I'll have boys. And, surprises are fun.

It's interesting how everyone has an opinion too. I love guessing the sex of growing fetuses. (And, for the most part, I guess correctly - as long as the kid isn't one growing in my uterus). About half the people I know guess girl and the other half guess boy. I'd guess half of them are right.

In any sense, I really like not knowing. I wish I had stuck to my guns and not found out with Hayden or Vincent. I know that a lot of people can't wait. I also know a lot of people who would want it to be a surprise if they already have "one of each." I also get excited and giddy when I found out someone I know is going to their ultrasound appointment and will be finding out. However, honestly, I strongly recommend waiting. There's just something nice about having all this mystery around you. I also like the idea that no one is telling me what sex my baby is. I can not wait to hold my baby in my arms and look for myself. I can't wait to be the one who announces, "It's a boy!" Or girl. Who knows.

Did you find out the sex of your baby before the birth? Why or why not?


  1. We just found out a few weeks ago we are having a girl. We weren't sure if we were going to but she showed us the (lack of) goods before the Dr could even ask us if we wanted to know. Now that we know its hard to decide if we would have done it differently but we'll see if we have another.

  2. I refused to find out, over my now-ex's objections. The technicians are sometimes wrong, and I was determined to be pleased with whoever showed up. I have to admit, I'm glad I had a boy- the ex wanted a girl quite badly.

  3. We found out as soon as we could with our little girl. We were so excited - but if we do get pregnant again I believe that we are not going to find out. I think ultrasounds shouldn't be performed so frivilously as they are now.

    Here are some good links regarding mindfully deciding to use an ultrasound or not:

    I hope this helps and informs : )

  4. I didn't find out with my daughter and I love it when my clients don't find out before the birth. That moment at birth of meeting that tiny person you have been waiting to meet for 9 months is even more speical when you are also finding out their gender at the same time.